Shower Steamer   Lavender Margarita

Shower Steamer Lavender Margarita


Want an indulgent sensory experience but aren't partial to taking baths?

Then our shower steamer (shower bomb) is right for you.
You get an Aromatherapy treatment while steaming away in your shower.

They are very similar to Bath bombs but sit out of the water and utilize heat and humidity to release essential oils and create an aroma-therapeutic environment for you. They will last for two showers.

Lavender Margarita is a crisp, fresh scent with bright top notes of ozone and lime.  A refreshing scent.  To top off this Margarita is sea salt and Lavender Buds because what Margarita does not have a dressing of salt!

Toss your shower steamer at the edge of the tub the next time you take a shower. Keep it out of the shower stream, but ensure it lay comfortably in a small pool of water. Let the aromas invigorate your senses!

One in package. approx. 3.5 oz in size. Comes wrapped with directions.