Goat's Milk Soap
Goat's Milk Soap
Goat's Milk Soap
Goat's Milk Soap
Goat's Milk Soap

Goat's Milk Soap


 Goat's Milk Soap with Glycerine

Benefits of goat’s milk

Goat’s milk is naturally high in vitamins and minerals and rich in butter fats which makes it the perfect moisturiser. Vitamin E, which is the skin’s best friend, is found in abundance. 

A creamy smooth texture that is a fabulous moisturiser and nourishing for the skin.

  •  Vegetable based
  • Excellent foaming and lather
  • GMO Free
  • No Alcohol
  • No Animal Testing
  • Gluten Free
Soaps made with lavender essential oil is a healing aid for many type of skin infections. Lavender's antibacterial properties have also rendered it effective in treating scabies and eczema
Lavender has a crisp and clean fragrance with sweet and floral overtones, its scent is known to promote not only relaxation but also a good mood.
Spearmint  essential Oil can help uplift a your mood, especially if you are suffering from feelings of self-doubt, stress, or mental exhaustion.
It can be energizing, revitalizing, and maybe even encouraging. Many feel it inspires a sharpness of mind and confidence in sharing your thoughts or "putting yourself out there".

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