Lavender  Nasal Inhaler

Lavender Nasal Inhaler


What are Nasal Inhalers?

Nasal inhalers are also known as Aromatherapy inhalers and essential oil inhalers

Nasal inhalers enclose a concentrated amount of essential oil and are a portable and convenient way to use essential oils when a diffuser isn't convenient or appropriate. To use an nasal inhaler, you simply unscrew the cap and raise the tip of the inhaler to your nose.


Nasal inhalers can be transported in your purse, briefcase or backpack and are even small enough to fit in a pocket. They allow you to use essential oils anywhere, and they can be used discreetly. Inhalers are handy for keeping particular blends handy and within reach. They're also great in the workplace or in other public settings when you may want to use an essential oil that could pose risk to those with particular health issues or in a scent free space. 

100% pure lavender essential oil  



 Our collection of unique essential oil blends are original creations and only available here. Developed here on our farm by us, each has a remarkable and sophisticated aroma. enjoy! 

We are continuing to develop more blends this year and look forward to telling you all about them.