Lavender Dawg Relax Aromatherapy  Spray

Lavender Dawg Relax Aromatherapy Spray


Aromatherapy Dog Spray

Aromatherapy blend of essential oils to benefit dogs for relaxing and calming. 

Spritz over your dog's body, don't spray in their face

Start from the ears to the back.

You can also spray their bedding, crate, inside vehicle prior to travel. 


BERGAMOT uplifts and balances
CEDAR WOOD grounds and reduces panic
CHAMOMILE  nervous tension & depression
CYPRESS soothes frazzled emotions
FRANKINCENSE quiets anxiety
LAVENDER classic calming
NEROLI anti-depressant and a sedative
PEPPERMINT cooling and pain relief
VETIVER stress relief
MARJORAM   sedative properties