Dog Gift Set

Dog Gift Set


A Great gift for your fury family member.



    1 smelly dawg soap

    Lavender is good for bathing a dog with itsy skin.  You’ll be accomplishing two things– cleaning your dog while also healing the skin.  

    Great soap to help fight fleas and ticks

    Coconut Oil can improve your dogs coat and add in prevention of yeast and fungal infections on the skin add in healing wounds and dry skin.

    1 smelly dawg deodorizing powder

    Effective alternative to chemical-based sprays and cleaners.  Use between bathing to help deodorize your dog.  Use on the dog bed or carpet area.  Leave on for a few hours then vacuum. This can help fight  against fleas


    1 small dawg paw balm

    Effective in helping dry damaged paws. 

    coconut oil is a deeply penetrating moisturizer  that has anti inflammatory and anti fungal benefits

    Lavender is antibacterial, and an all natural anti itch remedy.

    1 small dawg aromatherapy spray

    Effective in helping to calm and relax a dog