Burning Desires Soy Massage Candles
Burning Desires Soy Massage Candles
Burning Desires Soy Massage Candles

Burning Desires Soy Massage Candles

A line of body massage candles, made of soy and other wonderful moisturizing oils. Now you can enjoy a spa quality aromatherapy experience at home.

Our soy massage candle is appealing to three of the five senses.

 The sense of sight - with the candle’s enchanted glow,
 The sense of smell - with its delicate fragrance,
 The sense of touch - when the warm melted oil is massaged into the skin.

We feel it stands up to its name of Burning Desires and is sure to ignite a burning desire in your love life and it is sure to enhance a romantic evening with your special someone.

How does this candle work? Simply light the candle and let it burn for approximately 20 minutes to form a melt pool. When ready, extinguish the flame and drizzle a small amount of the warm massage oil on you or your partner’s body and massage directly into the skin. Because soy burns much cooler than other waxes, the oil will only be a few degrees warmer than your skin temperature, it is all ready to use. Use sparingly because the richness goes a very long way. Any pooled wax you don't use will re-harden so you can melt it again next time. Just put the lid back on and store away.
Of course, romance does not have to be on your mind, to use our new product, if you are just looking for a great massage oil that will moisturize your skin, then this product is for you. Great for moisturizing dried out hands and feet.

100 ml metal tin will provide you with up to 2 or more massages. Burn time up to 8 hours

3 sensual fragrances available

Serenity Lavender
Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Orange, Rose essential oils

Lavender Essential Oils

Lavender Vanilla
Lavender Essential Oils with a touch of Vanilla Fragrance Oil