Farm Rules and General Guidelines

 It is important to remember that first and foremost we are a working farm and we live here, which means that our first priority is the production of our lavender products. While you enjoy the farm, we ask that you follow these simple rules

General Farm Guidelines for visiting the farm:

  • pets, smoking, and littering are not permitted any where on the farm.
  • No outside food or beverages will be permitted onto the farm.  Exception is water bottles.
  • No feeding the peacocks or any animals and or birds on the farm. This includes the wild life  pond life.
  • We share our property with wild life do not harass or disturb them.  This is their home.
  • ​Children must be supervised by an adult or parent at all times.
  • No walking on or over the lavender beds.  Use the grass paths only
  • Our lavender, herbs, fruits & vegetables and other flowers are commercial crops, pick with authorization and  payment beforehand only, any other self harvest activity will be  considered theft
  • Do not walk in the flower beds or handle the crops. 
  • Stay away from the waters edge at all times.  
  • When walking the forest trails, please stay on the paths and respect our neighboring farms
  • Farm activities may be in progress during your visit.  Be prepared  for potential maintenance or tourism activities occurring. 

  • Do not swat at the bees. They are there doing their job. If you ignore them they will ignore you. There will be many bees so beware!

  • Unruly guests will be asked to leave the property with no returns or credits. Please have fun, but be respectful.

  • Feel free to visit, we have a farm store in the barn that is open and sells bottled water, soft drinks, tea and coffee .  We would be happy to show you around the farm, if we are not busy with other customers.  If you see us on the tractor, feel free to flag us down if you have questions.

Beware of Natures Dangers! Please be careful while walking around the farm. We live with many critters, some of them are harmful. Animals you might encounter are Rabbits, Bees, Snakes, Squirrels, Skunks, Raccoons, Wild Turkey, Geese, Turtles, frogs,  deer and others. IF YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO BEES PLEASE HAVE YOUR OWN MEDICATION OR EPI PEN AS WE DO NOT CARRY THESE ITEMS ON HAND.

   LIABILITY NOTICE: Purple Haven cannot be held responsible for any injuries, loss or damages incurred by patrons or their vehicles,  while visiting the property. we are a working farm, therefore, this means there are a variety of uneven and rough terrains,  stumps, holes, forested pathways, fields, trails, roads, water etc that are accessible to our patrons. Farm equipment may be  operating while the public is present. By visiting us at Purple Haven you voluntarily accept and assume all risks related to any injuries, damages or loss.