Date Night Picnic Event in the Lavender

Purple Haven provides a charming backdrop surrounded by lavender fields for this new and unique picnic experience tailored to lavender lovers, picnic enthusiasts and romantics at heart.  .
Make an unforgettable intimate date night, that  will not only  impress, but also create memories that will last long after the fun is over. 
Limited dates and spots are available for this event so don't miss out

The luxury picnic setup includes pillows, blankets, and custom tables, set up with china plates and accessories.   Each couple will get a charcuterie board featuring bite-size cheeses, crackers,  meats vegetables, nuts, breads and some of our small batched jellies  to share along with a bottle of non-alcoholic wine and lavender ice cream.  Please note we do not have substitute food options for this event

Alcoholic beverages will be available at additional cost

Each couple will get a $10 voucher to use in our farm store 

Live entertainment  by a local musician 

concession road brewery logo

Beer tasting by Haldimand County's only Brewing Company

Concession Road Brewing Company,

 All tables in the fields will be set up in advance and once you check-in on arrival, tables will be first-come, first-serve (unless the table has been assigned for a special event like engagement  or special needs requirements which we will alert you to avoid sitting at and will have a reserved sign). 

Please note that tables are low to the ground and you are sitting on pillows, which may not be comfortable for some. These are not normal picnic tables. We also move the location of the picnics around the farm based on the best blooms, and private distancing for a more romantic setting.  This does create a larger distance to and from the washroom which is located closer to the store and parking area.  If you are accompanying someone who requires accommodation in terms of a taller table and chairs or assistance to and from the picnic area, please let us know in advance so we can help and arrange a staff member to assist you. 

Tables/ tickets will be sold in tables of 2 people. If you are looking for a larger group such as double date night, please let us know in advance when booking so we can accommodate with a larger table setting. 

If you wish to book as a large group party  please email us so we can create something custom for you! 

This event is not suitable for children or pets so please leave them at home.  We offer other more family friendly picnic events you can book that is more suitable. 

Remember we have bees on our farm. They mainly mind their own business and don't bother with you when having a picnic.  we ask you to be aware/cautious and come prepared with any medication if you are allergic and ask that you do not swat at them.   The bees are just busy working collecting nectar and pollen to take to the hives. 

$275 per couple