Gentlemen's Room

Two scent blends created to evoke the smells and feel of the barbershops from the good old days.  Filled with smells of pipe tobacco, leather, wood and the scents from the colognes,soaps and talc; you know that smell that would linger in your nose even after you walked out the door. This line is a true trip back in time.   






  A classic masculine scent

  that is a lush and alluring

fragrance A fresh scent

of lavender with

woody undertone of

sandalwood, cedar tobacco

and a hint of vanilla. 


A distinctly masculine scent that will take you back in time  to the barbershop and hanging around talking

& telling a dirty joke or two with the guys

a blend of lavender with Cedarwood,

 fresh leather, zesty lemon,

cognac and spicy tobacco