Update: Lavender Field 2022 season

 assessing lavender 2022 season

Farming is never easy at the best of times,and the joy of farming is that there’s always challenges for us to work through.  Each Spring is a nail bitter for sure and unfortunately this year has not been kind to us.
Our lavender should be green and growing now but after a wet fall, and harsh winter and spring, many of our plants are damaged and most unfortunately have died.  
We have heard from other lavender farmers across Canada and the U.S. that they are also experiencing some loss after this Winter and Spring, but not as badly us we are experiencing here at Purple  Haven.

Our action plan,
The angustifolia varieties we pruned back in hope of saving them, However, it was not very successful. Many of them we have had to be replace.  The lavandins all needed removed and all replaced.
On the upside we have been lucky enough to have had more lavender plugs and plants,   which was for our expansion this year,  so we redesigned and replanted instead.  The lavender expansion will just need to wait till next year.
planting lavender plugs
We have been busy the last 3 weeks,  planting, trimming, and doing everything we can to save the field.
Over the 8 years that we have welcomed people to our farm (our home) it has always been our goal to offer the best of what we do. We will not be capable of representing ourselves to those full standards this 2022 season.  Our decision to be open this year was not an easy one to make, but we decided that our loyal customers will understand and appreciate the hard work we do here on the farm.
We have been monitoring them closely. And with the warm sun in the last few weeks, we have been very encouraged to see greening in the crown (base) of our plants.  Given all that our plants have been through this year, we are unable to predict the bloom period of those that survived however, we are confident the field will still look lovely just not so full.

lavender showing signs of life   signs of life

Elsewhere around the farm, we are also busy with expending. We have added a labyrinth inspired path and laying out a new garden area for more flowers for next year.  We have planted our pumpkin patch, sunflowers, and our vegetable & herb garden. 

Purple Haven farm store  purple haven forest walking trails
Our store, trails,  and fields will be open for the season starting this Friday June 10th
Fridays  10am till 5 pm
Saturdays 2 pm till 6pm
Sundays 10am till 5pm
Monday & Tuesdays  10am to 3pm
Closed Wednesday and Thursdays  (by appointment only)
We will continue to offer our experiences including our yoga , picnics, teas, and private functions starting in July.
Thank you for your support and understanding. We will continue to provide updates as our season progresses 💜

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  • Lisa Pryor

    I really enjoyed meeting you all last year and I especially enjoyed the yoga! Looking forward to it again!

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