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Spring 2020

We are looking forward to returning to the Dunnville Lion's Home & Garden Show  running Friday April 17th 2020, 10am-8pm. and Saturday April 18th, 2020 10 am-4pm.  Like in the past years you will find us in the main exhibitor's room. Located at the  Dunnville Arena, 275 Ramsey Drive, Dunnville ON N1A 0A  We are also returning to the 6th Annual Chili Competition in Caledonia.  April 18th 2pm- 8pm. This year it is a new  location.  It will be held at the Riverdale Exhibition Center (the old arena in the Caledonia Fair grounds).  Great opportunity to see the new building!       Have you been looking for us?  We are not at Terra this year. I know it is...

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