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Spring 2018

Have you been looking for us? Come see us at Terra Winter Market in Hamilton We are there till March 17th. 10am to 3pm 340 Highway 20 R.R. #1 Hamilton , ON

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Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year ! It sure is cold and windy today, the first day of the 2016, here on the farm. We have our fire roaring and I am enjoying a hot cup of Lavender Hot Chocolate along with some Lavender shortbread cookies. I know lavender isn’t the most popular flavor Right? And you’re thinking it is probably on nobody’s top list of hot chocolate flavors they would want to drink. Well if you did not already know Lavender is making a revival and nothing is better than chocolate and Lavender. Yummy! Someday soon I will share the receipt with you all and maybe even the shortbread one too. Ok I could talk for hours about lavender and all its...

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