Sinus Steamers
Sinus Steamers

Sinus Steamers


4 pack


  • Do you have Congestion... Headache... Irritated eyes and nose? Try our Sinus Steamers. They feel so very good and really work, the natural way!
  • These tabs contain essential oils that when combined work wonders  for your sinus congestion.
  • They are very similar to our shower steamers they  sit out of the water and utilize heat and humidity to release essential oils and create an aroma-therapeutic environment for you at the same time clearing your sinus congestion

  • Toss your shower steamer at the edge of the tub the next time you take a shower. Keep it out of the shower stream, but ensure it lay comfortably in a small pool of water.

  • If you're having a particularly bad sinus  day due to nasal congestion you can use two steamers                              
  •                                                                   or
  • try dropping  one of them into a bowl of hot, steamy water. Put your face over the bowl and drape a large towel over your head to trap in all the beneficial, steamy goodness for about 5-10 minutes. Remember to keep your eyes closed as it can be a bit strong for the eyes. This steam treatment will  help open up your airways and reduce congestion.

  • Here is a useful tip for the used water

  • After your steam treatment is done, dump the water into your toilet for a between cleanings freshen up! The baking soda neutralizes acids and deodorizes the toilet bowl, the citric acid helps dissolve hard water stains and the essential oils help eliminate germs and bacteria, and leave behind a fresh, clean scent.