bath bombs Double your order

bath bombs Double your order

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Relax after a long day and get ready for bed with this rich floral scent.

Chocolate Lavender Mint
Smells good enough to eat!

Rejuvenating Lavender
A wonderful blend of Peppermint, Lavender, Rosemary, Marigold, Uva Ursi, Red & Pink Rose Petals & Rosehips designed to enhance the showering experience.

Lavender Green Tea
smells good enough to drink!

Berry Lavender
A deliciously wonderful explosion with sweet berries

Lavender Spearmint
Warm, spicy-herbaceous, minty smell

Lavender Lemongrass
this combination is known for its nerve-settling, sleep-inducing, soothing effects.

Lavender Margarita
is a crisp, fresh scent with bright top notes of ozone and lime

Lavender Noroli
An exotic sweet floral citrus aroma

Lavender Pine
A woodsy evergreen forest-like aroma.  It is said to be helpful for coughs and colds.

Toss your shower steamer at the edge of the tub the next time you take a shower. Keep it out of the shower stream, but ensure it lay comfortably in a small pool of water. Let the aromas invigorate your senses!



Each One in package. approx. 65g in size. Comes wrapped with directions.