Aromatherapy Candle with  charm
Aromatherapy Candle with  charm

Aromatherapy Candle with charm


Beautiful glass jar with a charm you can put on your keys,  a chain, a zipper  what ever you wish.  the little charm is filled with our lavender right from our farm.  

Our Aromatherapy Candle is 100%  hand poured soy with essential oils.  

Soy wax is a healthier alternative to paraffin and petroleum wax candles and burn cleaner and last for many many hours. This size can give up to 40 hours of burn time.  


Relax and enjoy the lightly scented lavender.  

Makes a great gift idea nicely packaged and ready for giving. 

Two Scents

Lavender  essential oil is an intoxicating aroma  ability to calm  you, alleviate stress and help you drift off to a good nights sleep.  

Lavender Serenity   Our lavender Serenity is a  blend of lavender and other essential oils.  Relaxing and Peaceful scent with the ability to lift your mood.