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There is something incredibly satisfying about getting your hands in the dirt and watching your garden grow. We also know gardening can reduce stress, and allow you to spend time outdoors, maybe even growing some of your own lavender. There are lots of benefits in spending time in your garden and very few downsides, but that one big downside is Gardeners' Hands! You know the dry skin, calluses, cracking or rough skin, the dirt that gets into those deep cracks and of course that dirt under your nails or what about how brittle and split they get.

Hard working hands needs loving care and we got a collection for you.

 Our Gardeners exfoliating soap Is made using natural ingredients and free from synthetic surfactants and MPG each layer has a different form of exfoliating properties from poppy seeds to lemon peel to help get the dirt off those hard working hands. The glycerin and Shea butter base has great moisturizing properties and leaves your skin feeling smooth. Gardeners hand scrub is  an all natural exfoliating scrub made with Grind Organic Orange Peel, Grind Organic Lemon Peel & Ground Lavender buds along with Olive Oil and Coconut Oil to scrub away dirt from any gardener's hands and leave them feeling soft and smelling great. 
This natural gardener hand cleaner is a scoop-and use scrub. It contains very fine abrasives to help the natural citrus oils dissolve and remove heavy grease and grime, while moisturizing at the same time. 
Mild scent of citrus and lavender.

Try our all natural cuticle balm stick to help with those dry and brittle nails. Made with beeswax and a blend of  oils known to help nails and cuticles.

Moisturize your hands is always very important to do but did you know you should do it before you put on your gardening gloves and after you wash them to.
If you want to take your moisturizing to the next level for those cracked dry hands than our working hands is for you. 

This lotion is designed to provide excellent moisturizing and skin softening properties and helps protect the skin from damage caused by gardening. It is also wonderful for anyone who washes hands a lot and who has trouble with dry chapped or cracked skin, such as , mechanics, people who work outdoors, restaurant workers, hospital workers etc.
Because we use lavender essential oil in all our products, our products also have antibacterial properties.
Another downside to gardening is the bugs. Apply insect repellent on any exposed skin areas before working in the garden. Wear a hat or cap and always wear gardening gloves not just to keep dirt off but to avoid bites on your fingers and hands.

 Try our natural outdoor body mister and after bite. We use a blend of essential oils known to deter bugs.

Don't forget to apply suntan lotion and when you are done gardening shower and apply a soothing lotion to help moisturize your skin.

Why not try our lavender body wash shampoo and conditioner. Then apply our after sun.  After sun
Our after spray is great for soothing and cooling your hot skin after being in the sun
Made with Aloe Vera it can help to moisturizes dry, rough skin after being in the sun gardening.  Or give our Intensive moisturizer a try 
Stretching  & Massage is good to do before and after gardening. We have line to help with that too.  Great for sore muscles after a day in the garden try our Muscle and Joint Rub or one of our other products in this line. 

Happy Gardening 

Plant a Victory Garden this year to fight the war on COVID-19.   Be sure to check out our plant sale page.  

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